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We troubleshoot and repair many domestic brands 

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                                          Refrigerator / Freezer                                 Dishwasher 


We troubleshoot and repair most makes and models of appliances including:

Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Amana,

KitchenAid, Westinghouse,

Maytag, Kenmore, Roper,GE,

Frigidaire, Magic Chef, White

Westinghouse, General Electric,

Admiral, Kitchen Aid,Gibson,

Tappan, Speed Queen 

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 Serving Douglas and Sarpy  counties Since 1988 with affordable in home service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gas Range FAQs

  Common Gas Range Problems

  • BURNER  NOT LIGHTING? Check for pilot/ igniter track holes clogged. Look  closely at a burner that does light to help locate the holes. Clean out  with small wire, like from a bread tie.
  • OVEN  NOT LIGHTING?   Check if your oven has a standing pilot by turning on a  top burner if you hear clicking sound of the spark igniter then your  oven will have electric ignition also. If there is no click sound and  the burner lights then the oven has a standing pilot that may need  lit. See your owners manual for lighting instructions. Or call your gas  company for help. If your oven has an electronic display disconnect  power for ten minutes, this will reset the electronic control.  

Dishwasher FAQs

  Common Dishwasher Problems

  • DISHES NOT CLEAN?    Check that all the spray arms can rotate freely without touching  anything every load. Also turn on a nearby faucet until water is hot  before starting. Check spray arm holes for obstructions. Run a  dishwasher cleaner to remove calcium buildup.
  • NO  WATER?   Check float located in front corner of tub for obstruction as  in a spoon under it holding in the up position this turns off water to  prevent overfilling.
  • LEAKING?   If just a small  amount of regular dish soap gets into the dishwasher it will cause  sudsing and overflowing out the bottom of the door. If you see more than  light suds in the water in the bottom of the tub, drain and restart  dishwasher several times to remove excess suds.

Dryer FAQs

 Common Dryer Problems

  • LONG DRY TIME?   Many times caused  by clogged or restricted vent. If the dryer is heating but taking longer  to dry your clothes check vent pipe or tube for blockage. If you can  reach the vent outside safely, start dryer and then check airflow  outside. Or just let the dryer run empty for 5 minutes then check if   the vent tube is getting hot. If the tube is hot vent is ok.Other causes  may be overloading washer or washer not spinning out water properly.
  • NO  HEAT?   Check temperature control is it on AIR FLUFF? Check circuit  breaker or fuses (fuses may be cartridge type) even though dryer runs  but has no heat.

Electric Range FAQs

  Common Electric Range Problems

  • ALL BURNERS NO HEAT?   Check that unit is plugged in properly. Check circuit breakers or cartridge fuses.
  • ONE BURNER NO HEAT?  Check that removable burners are properly plugged in. SEE OWNERS MANUAL
  • OVEN  NO HEAT Check that controls are not on automatic or TIME BAKE. If you  oven has an electronic display disconnect power for ten minutes to reset  the electronic control. Check circuit breaker or cartridge fuses.

Refrigerator FAQs

  Common Refrigerator Problems

  • NOT COLD ENOUGH?   Check controls avoid turning freezer control all the way up. Check for  dust and lint build up on coils on models with condenser coils under  refrigerator. Check that door is sealing properly.
  • LEAKING WATER? Check if there is a drain in the bottom of the the cabinet that is clogged.

Washer FAQs

  Common Washer Problems

  • NOT  FILLING?  Is washer  humming? If not, check outlet for power. Plug something else in the  outlet to check for power. If washer is humming check if water is  turned on or hose screens are clogged. Most washers require the drain  hose end be as nearly high as the washer or the water will just run out.
  • NOT SPINNING, DRAINING, or CLOTHES STILL WET? Check drain hose for kink. Or washer overloaded.

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